Puppy Dust

Excite your pups senses and let them know that meal time is a fun event!

Shake, Shake, Sprinkle Puppy Dust onto your canine's kibble to transform the mundane into the divine.

Our wheat-free and corn-free treats are made with the finest all-natural, human-quality ingredients and are hand-baked then crushed to a dusty perfection. We add flax for healthy skin & coat and better digestion.

Puppy Dusting Helps

Puppy Dust Cans

Available in Two All-Natural Delicious Flavors!

Peanut Butter & Honey

~ Ingredients: oat flour, rolled oats, peanut butter, honey, flax, canola oil, egg, baking powder.

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 12.0% min., crude fat 9.9% min., crude fiber 3.4% max., moisture 10.0% max.

Bacon Cheddar Cheese

~ Ingredients: oat flour, rolled oats, bacon, cheddar cheese, flax, canola oil, eggs, baking powder.

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 12.0% min., crude fat 11.6% min., crude fiber 2.9% max., moisture 10.0% max.

Available in 6 oz. (170 g.) shakeable containers.

Love the Dust!
Inspirations Tucker and Mel Belle

In the world of pet food toppers, Puppy Dust is not business as usual.

We've heard all kinds of stories about difficult doggy eating habits. From adding a little Parmesan cheese to kibble, to cooking bacon, hamburger, eggs, or buying extra cheese...anything to lace ordinary food and entice their canines appetite. Its all time consuming and often not good for digestion. And these tales are not only about small dogs with small appetites. We've been told that big dogs, who 'woof' down their food so fast that they barely breathe, are actually slowing down as they try to get every bit of the Dust they can. Pet sitters and doggy day cares use Puppy Dust to give that "little dust of love" to those pups who are feeling a little home sick. So you see? Shake Shake Sprinkle Puppy Dust on your canine's kibble to transform the mundane into the divine!

Here's what's shakin' about Puppy Dust

  • Easy to use...just sprinkle over kibble--no spoon necessary
  • Healthy with all-natural, human-quality ingredients
  • Flax added for healthy skin and coat, and better digestion
  • Dry ingredients that dont need refrigeration
  • Smells good and clean
  • No gooey mess
  • 6 oz can last for about a month with 2 feeding per day
  • Shelf life is 1 year when kept in dry, room temperature
  • Helps your dog eat when you want them to
A Little Dust of Love

The Puppy Dust Tail

"When it came to meals, we had to police our pups. Mel Belle would bee-line it to Tuckers untouched bowl. Ten pounds later, a doggy dilemma how to get Tucker to chow down at meal time? The savory solution? Toss in the crumbs dusting the bottom of their dog bone jar. Good Boy! Now, Tucker chows at meal times, and Belles reaps the benefits with a sprinkle of Puppy Dust just for the love of it!"

Patrice Serrani~Top Dog



Patrice and Tucker

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